HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module
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HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module
HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module
HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module
HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module


HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module

HONEYWELL 51410069-175 Module
  • 51410069-175


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The Device Index of all non-redundant and primary C300 Controllers must be set to an odd number address. Note: The FTE DEVICE INDEX setting on the switches should match the Device Index number entered on the Controller block's configuration form Main tab.Insert the controller module onto IOTA board making sure that the controller circuit board mates properly with the IOTA board connector. Secure the controller module to the IOTA board with two screws located at each side of the plastic cover.If the controller is to be redundant - In Control Builder, select the Main tab of the primary controller's configuration form and be sure to check the 'Module is Redundant' check box.Creating a C300 Controller redundant pair is as simple as installing a second controller in the control hardware cabinet. Refer to the C300 Controller assembly to review the location of the cable connections. Before you install the C300 Controller you should have: A control cabinet installed with panel for mounting Series 8 control hardware. A Series 8 power supply and optional battery backup hardware installed in the cabinet. Following are the parts included: a C300 Controller assembly (controller module with IOTA board and mounting hardware) STP Cat5 Redundancy Cable (Orange cable) 2 STP Cat5 Ethernet cables (one Yellow cable, one Green cable) 2 or 4 IOLink cable assemblies for connecting on-board IO Link interface if the controller is supporting Series 8 I/O modules. Ensure the cabinet enclosure is connected to a protective earth ground using #8 AWG solid copper wire. There should be metal to metal contact between the grounding bus bar and the enclosure as well as the channel.

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