HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module
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HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module


HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module

HONEYWELL 51401052-100 Module
  • 51401052-100


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The C300 Controller is constructed using the Series C form factor that employs an Input Output Termination Assembly (IOTA) and an electronics module which mounts and connects to the IOTA. The C300 Controller supports configuration, load and execution of the standard function blocks. Note that there are a few exceptions defined below. The C300 Controller may operate in both non-redundant and redundant configurations. Redundant operation requires a second identical controller and connecting cables, which is the typical configuration. The switchover time from the active primary controller to the backup controller of a redundant pair is less than 500 milliseconds. When a C300 Controller block is added to the Project tree in Control Builder, a graphic representation of a controller module and its resident function blocks appears as shown in Figure 2. The function blocks that are contained in the controller support multiple execution environments. A Control Execution Environment block (CEEC300) and two IOLINK blocks are contained in the controller and appear under the controller. When the controller block is configured as redundant, the secondary controller block is added in the Project tree.

We focus on Honeywell DCS System Experion PKS ( C200 , C300 )  FSC

1. Control Processor, TK-PRR021, CC-PCNT01 51405046-175, TC-PRS021, TK-PRS021, CC-PFB801, CC-PFB401, 8C-PAIH51, 8C-PAOHA1

2. Fault Tolerant Ethernet Bridge ( FTEB ), TK-FTEB01 51309512-175, FC-TPSU-2430, FC-TSGAS-1624, FC-DCOM-232/485, FC-TSAI-1620M, FC-SAI-1620M, FC-SDI-1624

3. Controlnet Interface ( CNI ) , FC-TPSU-2430, FC-TSGAS-1624, FC-DCOM-232/485, FC-TSAI-1620M, FC-SAI-1620M, FC-SDI-1624

4. Redundancy Module ( RM ) TC-PRR021  51309288-225, TK-PRS021 51404305-375, TK-PRR021 51309288-275, TC-IXR061 96978373 

5. IOLIM ( I/O Link Interface Module ) TC-IAH16I, TC-OAV081, TC-IXR061, TC-ODD321, TC-IAH161, TC-IXL061,  TK-PRR021

6. PM I/O Cards, TK-IOLI01 51403427-275, CC-TAIX01 51308363-175, CC-TAOX01 51308351-175, 8C-TDODA1 51307149-175, TK- IOLI01   51403427-275

7. FTA Cards, MC-TAIH02  51304453-150 UCN, MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 UCN, MC-TDIY22  51204160-175 UCN, MC-TAOY22 51204172-175 UNC, MC-PAIH03 51304754-150

8. FSC Module, 10024/H/F, 10020/1/2, 10018/E/1, 10101/2/1, 10004/H/F, 10105/2/1, 10201/2/1, 10001/R/1, 10006/2/1

9. UCN BOARD, 80363969-150  ( MC-PAOY22 ), 51309276-150, 51309355-001, 51304516-250, 51304754-150, MC-PAIH03, 51305430-100

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