Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module
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Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module
Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module
Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module
Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module


Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module

Allen Bradley 1771-RTP4 Module
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The 1771-RTP4 PLC 5 Remote Termination Panel by Allen-Bradley is an electrical device used with the N-series High-Resolution Analog I/O modules to provide a Remote Termination System and the panel itself is designed for mounting on the Standard DIN 1 and DIN 3 mounting rails. The 1771-RTP4 has a field wiring connector and it establishes a connection to the N-Series I/O modules via the two 1.8m (6ft)-long 1771-NC6 Pre-fabricated cables and it has a maximum of 8 I/O connections. It is an 8-channel termination panel with voltage inputs, RTD, and voltage outputs, and it can be used for most applications except thermocouples. Mounting of the 1771-RTP4 is done via the Asymmetrical and Symmetrical 1 or 3 DIN rails, and it is designed to reduce additional cost by eliminating wiring between a Terminal Strip and a Wiring Arm and it makes the removal or replacement of an I/O possible without disturbing the current loop. The entire 1771-RTP4 Termination Panel weighs approximately 0.2Kg (0.5lb), and has dimensions of 75mm x 138mm x 58mm (3.0in x 5.3in x 3.0in).

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