Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module
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Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module
Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module
Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module
Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module
Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module


Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module

Allen Bradley 1756-LSP Module
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The Allen-Bradley 1756-LSP is a GuardLogix safety partner controller. It has 250 connections but it does not have any user memory for standard tasks. Its safety memory depends on the memory of the corresponding primary controller. Its main purpose is to provide a redundancy, a second channel that is isolated for the system's safety-related functions.
This controller has current draws of 1200 mA at 5.1V DC and 14 mA at 24V DC. Its power dissipation is 3.5 W and its thermal dissipation is 11.9 BTU/hr. The isolation voltage is a continuous 30V which is basic insulation that has been type-tested from RS-232 port-to-system at 720V DC for 60 seconds. Its operating temperature is from 0-60 ËšC and its non-operating temperature is from -40-85 ËšC. It also comes with a maximum surrounding air temperature of 60 ËšC and a non-condensing relative humidity of 5-95%. Its operating shock is 30 g, its non-operating shock is 50 g, and its operating vibration is 2 g at 10-500 Hz.
The configuration of the 1756-LSP safety partner is dependent on the primary controller since it does not have its own key switch and communication port although it has an RS-232 port. It comes with a battery for the clock and backup power. The controller also has LED status indicators allowing you to monitor its current state. The controller ships with a nonvolatile memory, a CompactFlash card to be exact. It measures 27 x 17 x 7 centimeters and weighs 0.7 lbs.
A GuardLogix controller requires one safety partner and the 1756-LSP safety partner is used for the 1756-L61S, 1756-L62S, and the 1756-L63S controllers. It should be installed in the slot to the right of the primary controller to satisfy SIL 3 requirements. It also has an open-type enclosure.

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