Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module
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Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module


Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module

Allen Bradley 1747-L532 Module
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The Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 is an SLC 5/03 Processor that is a part of the SLC 500 system. It is a small, simple, and pocket-sized processor with a wide range of applications such as small process control, material handling, and HVAC control. It contains a PLC-5 processor-based advanced instruction set. It can be stand-alone or distributed throughout a system for SCADA applications. The 1747-L532 processor has a total user memory of 16K words with 12K words for data/program and 4K words for data alone. It has up to 4096 inputs, 4096 outputs, and 480 local analog I/Os. It has a program scan time per keyword of 1 millisecond. The 1747-L532 has a backplane current of 500 mA at 5 Volts DC and of 175 mA at 24 Volts DC. It has a maximum of 2 local I/O chassis with a maximum of 30 module I/O slots in a local I/O chassis.
For communication, it uses DH-485 and RS-232 ports that can be configured for connection to a 1761-NET-AIC converter. For programming, the 1747-L532 it supports RSLogix 500 software. It has standard battery-backed RAM and Flash backup memory. With this processor, the remote I/O scanner module and DeviceNet scanner module can be installed to configure I/O via a universal remote link or a DeviceNet network. The 1747-L532 processor provides 0.44 milliseconds bit-instruction execution time and 10 times the overall system that its competitors do. It has various additional capabilities such as online programming, flash memory upgrades, floating-point math, a built-in real-time clock, key-switch, and calendar. The 1747-L532 is intended for use in clean and dry industrial environments with a 0 to 60 degrees Celsius operating temperature and a 30G of operating shock.

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