Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module
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Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module
Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module


Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module

Allen Bradley 1747-L551/A Module
  • 1747-L551/A

  • Allen Bradley

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The Allen-Bradley 1747-L551 Processor Hardware is integrated with a program memory size of 16 KB. It is high-performance controller, capable of controlling up to 4096 input and output points. This module supports online and offline programming such as runtime editing. The Allen-Bradley 1747-L551 has channel-to-channel, remote I/O, and DeviceNet pass-thru features. This module also has a built-in real-time clock and calendar. This module comes with a Ethernet port for network connection and RS232 port for peer-to-peer communication. The RS-232 channel supports DF1 full duplex, DF1 half-duplex master and a DF1 radio modem. The integrated Ethernet port supports a built-in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet channel for supporting SNMP, BOOTP, extended messaging capabilities, and high-speed communication. For programming, it includes advanced math instructions and various additional instructions. It also includes support for indirect addressing. The SLC 505 has a typical Program Scan Time per Keyword of 0.9 milliseconds and typical I/O scan time of 0.225 milliseconds.
This processor is exclusively installed in Slot Zero (0) of the SLC 500 chassis. It supports Remote I/O implementation with the use of a communication adapter installed at the chassis where the CPU is located, and scanner modules installed at the chassis where the Remote I/O modules are described. Supported communication protocols are Ethernet, Remote I/O (RIO), DH485 and Data Highway Plus (DH+). It must be cleared that Remote I/O technology is different from Remote I/O (RIO) protocol. Remote I/) technology or sometimes referred to as Distributed I/O is the technology that allows installation of Input and Output modules away from the processor, through a remote chassis with the CPU still treating the remote modules as part of the local chassis. Remote I/O or most commonly referred to as RIO is a proprietary protocol by Allen-Bradley.

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