Yokogawa Launches OpreX Robot Management Core
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Yokogawa Launches OpreX Robot Management Core

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Introduction: Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) has announced the development and release of OpreX™ Robot Management Core, a software application within the OpreX Asset Management and Integrity family.

Development Background: In response to the increasing demand for robots to perform tasks in high-risk environments and address personnel shortages in manufacturing plants, Yokogawa initiated discussions with robot manufacturers in 2019. Following this, they developed a prototype robot management and operations platform, which underwent proof-of-concept field tests with several customers. Leveraging this experience, Yokogawa developed the OpreX Robot Management Core to simplify the introduction of robots into plants.


Product Features:

Integrated Management of Different Robots:

  • Enables unified registration, management, and operation of multiple types of robots.

  • Supports robots such as the Spot four-legged robot from Boston Dynamics and the EX ROVR automatic plant patrol, inspection, and explosion prevention robot from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

  • Features a web-based management screen for remote operations and monitoring.

Mission Preregistration and Execution:

  • Allows preregistration of missions for plant patrols and inspections.

  • Supports manual or scheduled execution of missions.

  • Collects various data (images, video, audio) during patrols and inspections, which can be used by other applications.

Connection with Other Systems:

  • Links to Yokogawa's OpreX Collaborative Information Server to combine robot-collected data with data from control systems, safety instrumented systems, and integrated asset management systems.

  • Facilitates centralized management and data analysis for maintenance and operational tasks.

Future Development:

  • Plans to add support for a wider selection of robots and drones.

  • Will develop applications utilizing AI technology and enhance functions for issuing instructions linked to control system work procedures.

Key Markets and Applications:

  • Markets: Oil & gas, LNG, petrochemicals

  • Applications: Plant field patrols, first response to abnormalities, infrastructure inspection

About OpreX: OpreX is Yokogawa's comprehensive brand for industrial automation and control business. It encompasses the entire range of Yokogawa's IA products, services, and solutions, focusing on operational excellence and value co-creation with customers. OpreX Robot Management Core falls under the OpreX Transformation category, which aims for operational excellence throughout an enterprise's activities, including production, supply chain optimization, and risk and business management.

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