Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module
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Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module
Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module
Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module
Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module


Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module

Yokogawa AIP572 S2 Module
  • AIP572 S2

  • Yokogawa

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  • 1 year



Input elements 1 through 3 consist of a voltage input circuit and a current input circuit. The input circuits are mutually isolated. They are also isolated from the case. The voltage signal that is applied to the voltage input terminal (U, ±) is normalized using the voltage divider and the operational amplifier (op-amp) of the voltage input circuit . It is then sent to a voltage A/D converter. The current input circuit is equipped with two types of input terminals, a current input terminal (I, ±) and an optional current sensor input connector (EXT). Only one can be used at any given time. The voltage signal from the current sensor that is received at the current sensor input connector is normalized using the voltage divider and the operational amplifier (op-amp). It is then sent to a current A/D converter. The current signal that is applied to the current input terminal is converted to a voltage signal by a shunt. Then, it is sent to the current A/D converter in the same fashion as the voltage signal from the current sensor. The voltage signal that is applied to the voltage A/D converter and current A/D converter is converted to digital values at an interval of approximately 10 µs. These digital values are isolated by the isolator and passed to the DSP. In the DSP, the measured values are derived based on the digital values. The measured values are then transmitted to the CPU. The measured values and computed values are displayed and transmitted as measurement functions of normal measurement.

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