Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module
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Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module
Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module
Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module
Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module


Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module

Siemens Simatic 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0 Module
  • 6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0

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  • 1 year



Since replacing the PLC CPU also requires changing the PLC entire back plane, any modules that were previously used in the S5 rack must also be replaced. This includes all I/O modules, function modules, and communication modules. c. Interface Modules in Local Expansion Racks In legacy S5 applications, there may have been more than one tier of modules (local expansion racks) connected to the main rack. In these cases, all the modules will have to be replaced with S7 modules. If using the S7-300 family, a similar architecture can be achieved using the IM360, IM361, and IM365 modules to expand the main rack. If using the S7-400 family, the IM460 and IM461 are used. Another possible thing to consider is to move the modules to a remote rack and use the IM463 interface as shown below. This might be cost effective since you could reuse the S5 I/O modules. The following sketch shows remote racks of S5 type connected to a S7 main rack through the IM463. Note this could be a possible setup for both intermediate performance and high performance systems. The IM463 interface is very easy to program. Very similar to a DP coupler in that it has S5 addresses assigned on one side and S7 addresses assigned on the other side. Experience has proven that the correct length of the 721 cable is important. There is a switch on the front of the IM463 module which must be set to the length of the 721 cable. There are 4 choices for length. Again, the other way to migrate the system would be to convert the remote racks and all of the modules to ET200M. It may be wise to make several estimates of hardware conversions, and choose the most cost effective approach. 

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   Yes, 100% Original brand new

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   Original factory seal packed

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   In stock: 1-3 working days

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   One year