Schneider 170ADI35000 Module
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Schneider 170ADI35000 Module Schneider 170ADI35000 Module
Schneider 170ADI35000 Module Schneider 170ADI35000 Module
Schneider 170ADI35000 Module Schneider 170ADI35000 Module
Schneider 170ADI35000 Module Schneider 170ADI35000 Module
Schneider 170ADI35000 Module Schneider 170ADI35000 Module


Schneider 170ADI35000 Module

Schneider 170ADI35000 Module
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PowerPact circuit breakers set the new standard for reliability and performance of molded case circuit breakers. As Schneider Electric’s flagship breaker offering for commercial and industrial applications, PowerPact circuit breakers incorporate many common design elements and provide unmatched flexibility through multiple mounting configurations, operators and standardized accessories. Available in various frame sizes, in ratings from 15 A to 3,000 A, PowerPact circuit breakers provide heavy-duty operation with interrupting performances as high as 125 kA at 240 V and 100 kA at 480 V. The PowerPact range covers panel applications from 240 V through 600 V and are available as standard 80%-rated devices and 100%-rated devices to meet your requirements. Designed to use less mounting space, the PowerPact range allows simplified installation with smaller footprints and higher density installations for panelboards and switchboards. In addition, we understand your time is valuable and to help you increase your productivity, Schneider Electric has simplified the PowerPact circuit breaker selection process. The entire range of PowerPact circuit breakers is defined by a common system of interruption ratings and features to create catalog numbering that is easier to apply and understand. We have also updated our suffix system for accessory features to better identify and provide a more precise circuit breaker description. This new system will allow for quick and accurate selection of the circuit breakers you need each and every time.

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