Schneider 170ADI34000 Module
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Schneider 170ADI34000 Module Schneider 170ADI34000 Module
Schneider 170ADI34000 Module Schneider 170ADI34000 Module
Schneider 170ADI34000 Module Schneider 170ADI34000 Module
Schneider 170ADI34000 Module Schneider 170ADI34000 Module
Schneider 170ADI34000 Module Schneider 170ADI34000 Module


Schneider 170ADI34000 Module

Schneider 170ADI34000 Module
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The unique design of I-Line panelboards provides easy and flexible mounting of a wide range of branch breakers with nothing more than a screwdriver. I-Line panelboards are available with main lugs or main breakers through 1,200 A. The panelboards can use a wide range of Square D circuit breakers, including thermalmagnetic molded case circuit breakers, I-Limiter circuit breakers, electronic trip circuit breakers, and Micrologic trip circuit breakers, ranging from 15 A to the 1,200 A. Additionally, special distribution panels allow smaller, less expensive QO circuit breakers to be installed to feed lighting or receptacle circuits. I-Line panelboards are available customassembled at the factory or ready-to-install from local distributor stock. For OEMs wishing to install the breakers in their own panels, single-sided I-Line interiors are available with up to 1,000 A bus rating. Switchboards and Switchgear Power-Style™ QED-6 switchboards use individually-mounted Powerpact H-, J- and D-Frame circuit breakers to provide complete flexibility for branch circuits in the 150 A to 600 A range. Masterpact NT circuit breakers cover branch circuits in the 600 A to 1,200 A range. Main breakers are Masterpact NW insulated-case circuit breakers covering the 800 A to 5,000 A range. The foundation of Power-Zone 4 switchgear is the proven, reliable Masterpact ANSI power circuit breakers with Micrologic trip units. With main bus ratings up to 5,000 A and interrupting ratings to 200 kA, Power-Zone 4 switchgear can help to ensure continuity of service for the largest systems.

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A: Yes, We have 12 months warranty.

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