Ovation 1X00030H02 Module
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Ovation 1X00030H02 Module

Ovation 1X00030H02 Module
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Ovation controller capabilities can be expanded with add-on software licenses for simulation, virtual control or advanced control. The simulator controller is a standard controller that uses simulated I/O (instead of the actual hardware I/O system) to interface control schemes with a process model or simulation. The simulator controller can be used in a basic factory acceptance test process model or with high-fidelity process plant models. An advanced controller executes licensed algorithms with advanced functionality such as auto regressive, dynamic matrix, device, sootblowing, fuzzy logic, sequencing, programmable block and temperature profile. The virtual controller is a software-licensed capability which recreates the Ovation hardware controller with a real-time operating system on a Windows-based platform. It is used primarily in Ovation simulation solutions with non-redundant virtual controllers to decrease the hardware footprint. The virtual controller has most of the interface attributes of a standard, simulation or advanced controller except for hardware I/O support. The OCR1100 controller is designed to accommodate multiple levels of redundancy for key components, including: Ovation network interface Functional processor, memory, and network controller Processor power supply I/O interfaces Input power feed I/O power supply Auxiliary power supply Remote I/O communications media The standard hardware configuration for controller redundancy is a passive backplane base on which both a primary and a backup controller are installed.

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1.Is the part new? 

   Yes, 100% Original brand new

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   Original factory seal packed

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   In stock: 1-3 working days

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6.What is the warranty time?

   One year