HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module
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HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module
HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module


HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module

HONEYWELL 51304650-100 Module
  • 51304650-100


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The C300 Controller requires a reference source for time in order to power up and normally operate, but limited controller operation can be achieved in cases where system time is not available. Although the controller can use a number of time sources of varying quality, the preferred time source is a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) operating on another node (as a Time Server) on the local subnet. Connection to the time source is made at controller start up. The controller receives updates from the time source at one minute intervals to keep its clock synchronized. The Device Index, in conjunction with the Base IP Address (entered in the System Preferences dialog of Control Builder), gives the controller a unique IP address on the FTE network where the controller resides. The Device Index is manually set by using the three rotary switches located on the controller IOTA. The Device Index is also entered on the controller block configuration form (DEVICEIDX parameter). Upon power up of the controller, the Device Index is provided to the BOOTP Server on the associated FTE community. The BOOTP Server issues an IP address for the controller, based on the Device Index of the controller and the Base IP Address configured for the FTE community. The controller's IP address identifies the controller as an FTE node on the network.

We focus on Honeywell DCS System Experion PKS ( C200 , C300 )  FSC

1. Control Processor, TK-PRR021, CC-PCNT01 51405046-175, TC-PRS021, TK-PRS021, CC-PFB801, CC-PFB401, 8C-PAIH51, 8C-PAOHA1

2. Fault Tolerant Ethernet Bridge ( FTEB ), TK-FTEB01 51309512-175, FC-TPSU-2430, FC-TSGAS-1624, FC-DCOM-232/485, FC-TSAI-1620M, FC-SAI-1620M, FC-SDI-1624

3. Controlnet Interface ( CNI ) , FC-TPSU-2430, FC-TSGAS-1624, FC-DCOM-232/485, FC-TSAI-1620M, FC-SAI-1620M, FC-SDI-1624

4. Redundancy Module ( RM ) TC-PRR021  51309288-225, TK-PRS021 51404305-375, TK-PRR021 51309288-275, TC-IXR061 96978373 

5. IOLIM ( I/O Link Interface Module ) TC-IAH16I, TC-OAV081, TC-IXR061, TC-ODD321, TC-IAH161, TC-IXL061,  TK-PRR021

6. PM I/O Cards, TK-IOLI01 51403427-275, CC-TAIX01 51308363-175, CC-TAOX01 51308351-175, 8C-TDODA1 51307149-175, TK- IOLI01   51403427-275

7. FTA Cards, MC-TAIH02  51304453-150 UCN, MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 UCN, MC-TDIY22  51204160-175 UCN, MC-TAOY22 51204172-175 UNC, MC-PAIH03 51304754-150

8. FSC Module, 10024/H/F, 10020/1/2, 10018/E/1, 10101/2/1, 10004/H/F, 10105/2/1, 10201/2/1, 10001/R/1, 10006/2/1

9. UCN BOARD, 80363969-150  ( MC-PAOY22 ), 51309276-150, 51309355-001, 51304516-250, 51304754-150, MC-PAIH03, 51305430-100

Our Supply Range

1.Allen-Bradley1756/1769/1771/1785Series (1769-L30ERMS,1769-L30ER-NSE,1769-L33ERMS,1756-L61,1756-L62,1756-L73)
2. ABB 800xA/Bailey INFI90/DSQC/ Series (07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DSQC679,IMASI23,IMDSO14...)
3. Bently Nevada 3500/3300 Series (3500/42M ,3500/22M,3500/95.3500/15)
4. Schneider Modicon Series (140CPU65150,140CPU67060,140CRA ,140CPS)
5. GE IC693/IC697/IC698/IS200/DS200 Series (IC693CPU363,IC697PWR711,369-HI-0-0-0-0,DS200ADGIH1AA)
6. SIEMENS MOORE/S5 Series (6ES7 cards,6ES5,6DD,6DP)
7. Westinghouse/OVATION (1C31194G01,1C31197G01,5X00106G01,1C31125G02...)
8. ROSEMOUNT: (3008,3664,3805E.3704E,3700A 4351B...)
9. FOXBORO (FCP270,FBM203,FBM204,FBM217,FMB231...)

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