HIMA Z6013 Module
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HIMA Z6013 Module HIMA Z6013 Module
HIMA Z6013 Module HIMA Z6013 Module
HIMA Z6013 Module HIMA Z6013 Module
HIMA Z6013 Module HIMA Z6013 Module
HIMA Z6013 Module HIMA Z6013 Module


HIMA Z6013 Module

HIMA Z6013 Module
  • Z6013

  • HIMA

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  • 1 year



HIMA systems will be connected to 24 VDC. The connection terminals are labelled with L+ and L-. The power supply units made available by HIMA, e.g. the power supply PS1000, meet the requirements according to CE for electrical safety and EMC. All used power supplies must fulfill the requirements SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) or PELV (Protective Extra Low Voltage). See also chapter 6.4. The power supply units meet the requirements of the NAMUR recommendation NE 21 for the safety during short-time voltage dips up to 20 ms. For the supply of 24 V sources, which cannot guarantee a buffering during voltage dips of at least 20 ms, the following measures must be taken in the H41q system family: • decoupling of the power supply for the central units and • noise blanking (parameterizable). The H51q system family comprises modular designed PES in single channel and redundant models, also with TÜV safety certificate. All input/output modules can be used with both redundant and single channel models of the central devices. All modules of the H51q system family meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility and immunity according to article 10 of the EU guideline 89/336/EWG for the electromagnetic conformity. This is marked with the CE sign within the data sheets of the modules. Also the systems and modules are wearing a label with this sign. The H51q system family consists of one 19 inches central rack, 5 units high, and up to 16 input/ output racks in the 19 inches size, 4 units high (see also data sheets for H51q systems or assembly kits).

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1.Is the part new? 

   Yes, 100% Original brand new

2.How is the package?

   Original factory seal packed

3.What is the lead time?

   In stock: 1-3 working days

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6.What is the warranty time?

   One year