HIMA F8650X Module
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HIMA F8650X Module HIMA F8650X Module
HIMA F8650X Module HIMA F8650X Module
HIMA F8650X Module HIMA F8650X Module
HIMA F8650X Module HIMA F8650X Module
HIMA F8650X Module HIMA F8650X Module


HIMA F8650X Module

HIMA F8650X Module
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The resolution of the voltage and the current values depends on the parameter set in the properties of the controller. In SILworX, the FS 1000 / FS 2000 system parameter can be selected in the Module tab (Module of the digital and analog inputs MI 24/8). Depending on the selection, different resolutions result in the user program for the -> Value [INT] system parameter, see Chapter To monitor the -> Value [INT] parameter, evaluate the corresponding -> Error Code [BYTE] fault value in the user program. In ELOP II Factory, set the 1000 resolution (MI 24/8 FS 1000) or 2000 resolution (MI 24/8 FS 2000) in the Type field (menu: Properties, module: Analog Inputs). Depending on the selection, different resolutions result in the user program for the AI[xx].Value system parameter, see Chapter 4.4.4. To monitor the AI[xx].Value parameter, evaluate the corresponding AI[xx].Error Code parameter in the user program. The input signals are evaluated in accordance with the de-energized to trip principle. Only shielded cables with a length of a maximum of 300 m must be connected to the analog inputs. Each analog input must be connected to a twisted pair of wires. The shielding must be connected to the controller and the sensor housing and earthed of one end to the controller side to form a Faraday cage. Unused analog inputs must be short-circuited. If an open-circuit occurs during voltage measurement (the line is not monitored), any input signals are processed on the high-resistance inputs. The value resulting from this fluctuating input voltage is not reliable. Therefore with voltage inputs, the channels must be terminated by a 10 kΩ resistor. The internal resistance of the source must be taken into account.

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