GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module
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GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module
GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module
GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module
GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module
GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module


GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module

GE Fanuc IS200TTURH1B Module
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The IS200TTURH1B from General Electric functions as a Turbine Terminal Board within the Mark VIe control system.  The MKVIe is the most complex of the Speedtronic systems from General Electric, and was the last of these systems for the management of gas or steam turbine systems released by GE.   AX Control does its best to maintain on-hand stock of Mark VI and other Speedtronic replacement parts to better meet your needs. 

The IS200TTURH1B has multiple connectors, including two terminal strips that each have two rows of terminal connection points.   These terminals are screw-type connections and are numbers for easy reference.   Additionally, the board has both male and female d-shell connectors.  Other board components include two transformers, multiple relays, capacitors, diodes, and resistors.  The board also has several variable resistors. Most components are marked with some sort of reference designation to help with identification.  Additionally, the board is marked with codes and other information to help with wiring and placement.

The TTUR board typically works with either a VTUR or PTUR board.   The relays on the board are designed to work with either TMR or simplex systems to offer breaker closure through a coordinating synchronizing system.  These relays work in conjunction with other boards.   In TMR systems the relays activate using ⅔ logic voting.  However, in simplex systems, the same relays can be configured to drive exclusively from <R> only using jumper settings. 

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