GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module
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GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module
GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module
GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module
GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module
GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module


GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module

GE Fanuc IS200SSCAH2AGD Module

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The IS200SSCAH1 is a board component manufactured by GE for the Mark VI system.  The Mark VI is one of GE’s Speedtronic line for gas or steam turbine management and offers a whole system solution for turbine control with its integrated control, monitoring, and protection system for generator and mechanical drive systems.  The software and hardware of the Mark VI are designed for optimum turbine performance, and include software like the CIMPLICITY graphics display system and the GE Control System Toolbox.

The IS200SSCAH1 is a small board with only a few components.  One long edge of the board is populated by a single terminal block. This block has 48 screw connects placed in two lines of 24.  Terminal blocks are used to secure and/or terminate wire connections. This component is bracketed by two terminal connectors created from drilled holes in the board surface.   The other side of the board has a single 37-pin cable connector (female.) This is labeled JA1. There is a single integrated circuit placed next to this component.

The IS200SSCAH1 is populated by 18 jumper switches, along with resistors and capacitors.  These components are placed in lines along the center of the board. One line of jumpers is for ground, and two lines control termination.   Each component is marked. Jumper positions are marked on the board The board also has two larger round openings cut in the surface of the board to allow for proper mounting of the board.   More information regarding board components, their uses, as well as board installation procedures can be found in manufacturer publications (manuals, user guides.)

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