GE Fanuc IS200EXHSG4A Module
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GE Fanuc IS200EXHSG4A Module

GE Fanuc IS200EXHSG4A Module
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The IS200EXHSG4A is a PCB component for the Mark VI series from GE. Designed as one of the Speedtronic systems for steam or gas heavy-duty turbine management, the Mark VI is considered a complete solution for the protection, control, and monitoring of turbine systems of various sizes used for a number of applications.  The system is designed to be adaptable and can be designed in Simplex or Triple Redundant form, with module scaling depending on the need of the turbine system.

As a Static Exciter Terminal board, the  IS200EXHSG4A is designed to be used in high-speed applications.  It is essentially the same board as an EXTB board except it has a solid state relay driver in place of forty-one DC contactors.   The EXTB board will not function properly in high-speed applications.

The  IS200EXHSG4A is built with seven relays.  These all carry reference designators ending in C, M1, or M2.  The board has two conduction sensors (E1/E2,) three ribbon connectors, and eight plug connectors.  All ribbon connectors are vertical pin male connectors. The board has a single heat sink component.  It also has several integrated circuits and transistors, as well as resistors and capacitors made of various materials.  Several locations on the board are marked for components but are empty; these are components that may be used for different versions of the EXHS board but are not needed for this version. 

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