GE Fanuc IC695PSD140 Module
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GE Fanuc IC695PSD140 Module

GE Fanuc IC695PSD140 Module
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The IC695PSD140 module is a multipurpose power supply module that comes in the RX3i PacSystems series of I/O devices. This part has been designed and manufactured by GE Fanuc Automation. This module can operate both in load-sharing and redundancy applications, hence its multipurpose tag. It comes with 3 different outputs that consist of a 5.1 Volts DC output, a 24 Volts DC relay output, and a 3.3. Volts DC output intended for internal use. These 3 outputs can be used with RX3i modules. The GE Fanuc Automation IC695PSD140 multipurpose power supply module can be installed in an RX3i universal backplane and it only occupies one slot. It can be used as the only power supply in a system or it can be combined with additional multipurpose power supplies. It can be combined with up to 3 other modules.

The GE Fanuc Automation IC695PSD140 multipurpose power supply module comes with several LED indicators. The power LED can be green or amber, the P/S fault and overload LED is red, and the over-temperature and overload LED is an amber indicator. Each LED indicates the current operating status of the module. The module has a nominal rated voltage of 24 Volts DC, an input voltage range of 18 to 30 Volts DC, and an output power rating of 40 Watts maximum, including its 3 outputs. The module does not provide isolation. It is important to note that the GE Fanuc Automation IC695PSD140 multipurpose power supply cannot be used under any circumstances with the IC695PSD040 or the IC695PSA040 power supply modules in a redundant mode or in an increased capacity mode. These modules are incompatible in these modes and damage to both types of equipment may occur if the users attempt to use them in these modes.

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