GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module
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GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module
GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module
GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module
GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module


GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module

GE Fanuc IC694MDL240 Module
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The IC694MDL240 module is an RX3i PacSystem input module manufactured by GE Fanuc. It has 16 input points and it comes with a voltage rating of 120 Volts AC. It is an intelligent device and it can be used with different PLC systems and input devices, switches, and sensors. It is a digital module and it has a current rating of 7 milliamps. The channels of this module are not isolated. The frequency rating of the module is 50 to 60 Hertz and it depends on the load that is currently on the module. The IC694MDL240 module can be easily mounted by using a panel or a DIN Rail mounting base. The 16 input points of the module each come with an individual LED that illuminate when the input is on. The input module has one common power input terminal.

The IC694MDL240 input module can only work with an AC power source. It can be easily installed in any I/O slot in the RX3i PLC system. The module can consume 90 milliamps of current from the 5 Volts bus on the backplane. For input power, the on-state voltage of the IC694MDL240 input module ranges between 74 and 132 Volts AC, and the off-state voltage is in the range of 0 and 20 Volts AC. The on-state current of the input module is 6 milliamps minimum and the off-state current is 2.2 milliamps maximum. The maximum operating temperature of the module should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. The IC694MDL240 input module offers data transfer at high speeds. This input module meets the UL 508 standards. It has been designed to be operated in a Class 1, Division 2 rated environment.

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