GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module
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GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module
GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module
GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module
GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module
GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module


GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module

GE Fanuc IC694ACC310 Module
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The IC694ACC310 module is a blank slot filler module. The IC694ACC310 module is manufactured by GE Fanuc for use in the GE RX3i PacSystem, which is a scalable and high-performance control system which supports the PacSystems engine. This system is rack-based and is built according to the PCI standards. The features of RX3i PacSystems include Profinet for real-time I/O control, Proficy Machine Edition software for the development and configuration of control functions, the PacMotion controller for machine automation, and hot-standby redundancy control. The RX3i Pacsystems baseplates are available in 16, 12, and 7-slot configurations and they support hot-swapping capabilities for downtime reduction. Expansion baseplates are available in 10 and 5-slot versions. The IC694ACC310 module is primarily used for cosmetic purposes.

The IC694ACC310 module can also be used to keep active modules from moving or vibrating. Furthermore, the IC694ACC310 module protects empty slots from liquid splashes and spills. Several other types of modules are available for RX3i PacSystems setups, including power supply modules, CPU modules, co-processor modules, pneumatic modules, expansion modules, discrete input modules, discrete output modules, analog input modules, analog output modules, serial communication modules, specialty modules, and servo amplifiers. Both non-redundant and redundant CPU modules are available. The CPUs can take up to 2 slots in the system backplane. The power supply modules work with any model of CPU and they support auto-ranging and therefore do away with the need to set jumpers for varying input voltage levels. Input modules act as an interface between the PLC system and external input devices whereas output modules act as an interface between the PLC and external output devices.

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