GE Fanuc IC670CHS102A Module
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GE Fanuc IC670CHS102A Module

GE Fanuc IC670CHS102A Module
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The GE Fanuc IC670CHS102 I/O Terminal Block with box terminals is a type of PLC backplane that is specifically designed and manufactured by GE Fanuc to be used with their IC670 Field Control family of I/O modules. Up to 2 independent I/O modules can be installed in each terminal box by simply inserting them into an available compatible slot, and this is easy since the modules come with a special set of keys that allow them fit only into the proper slot. The GE Fanuc IC670CHS102 I/O Terminal Block supports hot swap operations, which allows for a quick troubleshooting procedure, because no power disconnection is necessary when connecting or disconnecting I/O modules. Once the I/O modules are mounted on the base terminal block, they should be secured in place with screws in order to provide vibration resistance.

The GE Fanuc IC670CHS102 I/O Terminal Block with box terminals uses 16 screw terminals to receive external wiring from field inputs and outputs. For data communication with the main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the GE Fanuc IC670CHS102 I/O Terminal Block needs to use a Bus Interface Unit (BIU) that is version 2.1 or later. Hot insertion or removal of I/O modules should not be performed if the base terminal block is installed in a hazardous location, because of the risk of sparks which may contribute to an accident, personal injury, equipment damage, or fire. The operating temperature of the I/O terminal blocks should be maintained between -25 and 70 degrees Celsius (-13 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the device.

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