GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module
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GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module
GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module
GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module
GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module
GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module


GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module

GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 Module
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The GE Fanuc Versamax IC200PNS001 PROFINET Scanner (PNS) module allows for power from either 1 or 2 sources. The second supply of power is optional. The scanner module requires an RX3i PLC CPU with Firmware version 7.0 or newer and the Proficy Machine Edition software version 7.0 or later. The module coordinates the Versamax remote node with the PROFINET I/O network. The GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 PROFINET Scanner (PNS) module has functions such as input data retrieval and output data delivery. It has features such as PROFINET alarms and diagnostics reporting, which allows for the “hot swap” of an excessive power supply that has been de-energized and it allows for configuration with the Classless InterDomain Routing with supernetting and subnetting. It also offers field upgrade options, and the firmware can be updated via the USB port (the port is intended for firmware upgrades only and not for a permanent connection).

The GE Fanuc IC200PNS001 PROFINET Scanner (PNS) module can connect the remote node to the PROFINET I/O network to oversee the I/O status if the communication is lost. Other functions include module scanning (both output and input scans), managing the module configuration, PROFINET communication between modules and I/O controllers within the PROFINET Scanner node, and reporting or issuing fault information in the form of diagnostics and alarms to the I/O controller. In addition, the PNS module’s main remote I/O publishes data on the PROFINET network to an I/O controller and it receives the data generated from an I/O controller on the PROFINET network. This module has an operating temperature range between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius for the surrounding air temperature with no fan.

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