GE Fanuc IC200CHS022 Module
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GE Fanuc IC200CHS022 Module

GE Fanuc IC200CHS022 Module
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The GE Fanuc IC200CHS022 carrier is a Versamax series compact box-style I/O carrier. The IC200CHS022 carrier includes 36 IEC box-style terminals. This module provides field wiring, mounting, and backplane communications for one Versamax I/O module which mounts vertically on the IC200CHS022 carrier. The dimensions of the IC200CHS022 carrier are 66.8 x 70 x 163.5 millimeters. The IC200CHS022 carrier has a built-in card holder which hinges down over the terminal wiring. A wiring card is provided with the module and it can be inserted in this card holder. The card holder should be in the retracted position while the system is in operation. Each terminal on the IC200CHS022 carrier can accommodate a single wire or 2 wires. Copper wire which is stranded or solid can be used for termination wiring.

A single copper wire used for termination can have a 0.36 mm2 to 2.1 square millimeters cross section. Two copper wires used for termination can have up to 0.86 square millimeters cross section. Each point on the IC200CHS022 carrier is rated for up to 2 Amps of current. Each power and ground connection on the IC200CHS022 carrier is rated for up to 8 Amps of current. The points and power/ground connections on the IC200CHS022 carrier are rated for up to 264 Volts AC and they can sustain voltage transients of up to 300 Volts AC. The IC200CHS022 carrier is designed for mounting on a DIN rail measuring 7.5 x 35 millimeters. One inch of horizontal spacing and 2 inches of vertical spacing should be provided around the mounted module. For optimal performance, the ambient temperature around the working IC200CHS022 carrier must be between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius.

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