GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module
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GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module
GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module
GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module
GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module
GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module


GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module

GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Module
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The IC200ALG262 input module from GE Fanuc is an analog input module in the Field Control product series. It can be an interface for 8 analog inputs that are current inputs. The IC200ALG262 input module does not need an external power supply because it receives its power from the backplane power supply in the Field Control PLC that it is part of. The resolution of the converter in this input module is 15 bits. The IC200ALG262 analog input module is software-configurable. It supports intelligent processing from a CPU or an NIU. All 8 of its input channels are single-ended and they are all arranged in 1 group on the module. The update rate for this module is 7.5 milliseconds.

The GE Fanuc IC200ALG262 Field Control analog input module can diagnose problems like the loss of internal power and open wires at signal levels of 4 to 20 milliamps. The LED on the IC200ALG262 input module is the “OK” LED which shows that the backplane power supply is properly connected and functioning. The inputs channels can operate at current levels between 0 and 20 milliamps or between 4 and 20 milliamps and these current ranges can be configured with a jumper. If there is no jumper on the IC200ALG262 module, the input current range will always be 4 to 20 milliamps. The manufacturer recommends using shielded twisted pair cables for making the analog channel connections on this module, and the manufacturer also recommends be grounded at the source device or at the I/O module if grounding it at the source device is not possible.

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