GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module
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GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module
GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module
GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module
GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module
GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module


GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module

GE Fanuc DS200LDCCH1 Module
  • DS200LDCCH1

  • GE Fanuc

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When the DS200LDCCH1 card was manufactured, the unit was designed to operate as a drive control local area network (LAN) communications board. General Electric classified the card as a member of the Mark V series of drive boards. The card was developed to operate with exciters and drives from GE’s DIRECTO-MATIC 2000 series. Microprocessors on the board provide LAN communications, operator interface, motor and drive processing, and drive resets.

Features of the DS200LDCCH1 board include four microprocessors to offer coverage of I/O and drive control settings. These four microprocessors include a drive control processor (DCP), motor control processor (MCP), co-motor processor (CMP), and a LAN control processor (LCP). The DCP offers control for integrated I/O peripherals, such as decoders and timers. Circuits for the motor control system as well as I/O communications are processed through the MCP. Should the MCP be incapable of finishing computations, the CMP will provide the extra processing power required to perform complex mathematical equations. The final processor, the LCP, accepts five bus systems for communications inputs. The board is completed with an alphanumeric keypad to provide access to system settings and diagnostics.

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