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Foxboro P0972VA Module

Foxboro P0972VA Module
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The Foxboro Model IMV25 multivariable transmitter supplies pressure, differential pressure, and temperature measurement in a single instrument. It takes full advantage of digital communications for multiple measurements. Minimizing the number of transmitters and process penetrations will give you significant savings for purchase, installation, and maintenance.Our Model IMV30 is designed so comprehensive flow equations reside right in the transmitter. You receive highly accurate pressure- and temperature-compensated mass or volumetric flow rate calculations. With this impressive meter, DP at full flow can be as low as 0.12 kPa (0.5 in H2O) and as high as 210 kPa (840 in H2O).Foxboro temperature transmitters combine microprocessor-based technology with advanced packaging. Results: high reliability, maximum flexibility and exceptional intelligence. Reduce your spare inventory by specifying one universal transmitter — suitable for integrally or remotely mounted RTD or thermocouple sensors. You save time and money with easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

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