Emerson KJ3243X1-BB1 Module
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Emerson KJ3243X1-BB1 Module

Emerson KJ3243X1-BB1 Module
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This product has specific instructions for installation, removal and operation in hazardous areas. Refer to document 12P5403 "DeltaV Electronic Marshalling Digital Automation System (CHARM I/O Subsystem) Zone 2 Installation Instructions". Other installation instructions are available in the " DeltaV S-series and CHARMs Hardware Installation" manual. This unit contains no user serviceable parts and should not be disassembled for any reason. Calibration is not required. The DeltaV system’s unique flexible field architecture delivers I/O on demand–providing the I/O you want, when you want it, where you want it. It is flexible because you can now decouple the process design from the I/O infrastructure design, to easily incorporate late process changes into the automation system. Electronic Marshalling Tight project schedules with changing requirements during design and implementation are a way of life. DeltaV Electronic Marshalling lets you land field cabling wherever you want, regardless of signal type or control strategy. With Electronic Marshalling, each terminal block has a channel characterization module, or CHARM, which includes an A/D converter and associated signal characterization for different types analog and digital I/O. Field wiring of any signal type can be terminated anywhere and characterized by the various CHARMS. A digital communication bus runs along the terminal strip to send device signal information to the top of the redundant CHARM I/O card where I/O conditioning is completed.

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