Emerson KJ3002X1-BA1 12P06801X122 Module
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Emerson KJ3002X1-BA1 12P06801X122 Module

Emerson KJ3002X1-BA1 12P06801X122 Module
  • KJ3002X1-BA1 12P06801X122

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This product has specific instructions for installation, removal and operation in hazardous areas. Refer to document 12P2046 "DeltaV Scalable Process System Zone 2 Installation Instructions". Other installation instructions are available in the "Installing Your DeltaV Automation System" manual. Removal and Insertion Field power supplied to this device, either at the field terminal or as bussed field power through the carrier, must be removed before removing or connecting the device. An I/O loop assessment must be complete on all energy limited nodes. This unit may be removed or inserted while system power is energized under the following conditions: (Note Only one unit at a time may be removed with system power energized.) • When used with KJ1501X1-BC1 System Dual DC/DC Power Supply operating on 24 VDC or 12 VDC input power. The primary circuit wiring inductance for input power must be less than 23 uH, or a certified supply with an open circuit voltage, Ui of 12.6 VDC and an Lo of less than 23 uH (including wire inductance). A rotary keying system ensures compatibility between I/O cards and terminal blocks after installation is complete. The terminal block must have the keys set for the I/O card with which it is to be used. A terminal block fuse may NOT be removed with field power energized for non-sparking circuits.

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