Analog Input Module Invensys Triconex 3700 Safety Instrumented System
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Analog Input Module Invensys Triconex 3700 Safety Instrumented System

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The Invensys Triconex 3700 is a safety instrumented system (SIS) designed for critical industrial applications. It is a modular, fault-tolerant system that can be used to implement a wide range of safety functions, such as emergency shutdown (ESD), fire and gas protection, and burner management.

Here is some technical information about the Invensys Triconex 3700:

  • Hardware: The Triconex 3700 is based on a triple-modular redundant (TMR) architecture. This means that each critical function is implemented using three independent processors. If one processor fails, the other two can continue to operate safely. The system also includes hot-swappable modules for easy maintenance.

  • Software: The Triconex 3700 uses a proprietary operating system called Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) software. This software is designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61508, an international standard for functional safety of electronic programmable electronic safety-related systems (E/E/PES).

  • Communications: The Triconex 3700 can communicate with a variety of field devices using a variety of protocols, including HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and Profibus. It can also be integrated with other plant control systems using OPC and other data exchange protocols.

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  • Model Description

  • 3501E/T 115Vac/Vdc Digital Input 

  • 3502E 48Vac/Vdc Digital Input 

  • 3503E 24Vac/Vdc Digital Input 

  • 3504E 24/48Vdc Digital Input 

  • 3505E 24Vdc Digital Input 

  • 3564 24Vdc Digital Input (simplex) 

  • 3511 Pulse Input 3515 Pulse Totalizer 

  • 3601E/T 115Vac Digital Output 

  • 3603B/E/T 120Vdc Digital Output 

  • 3604E 24Vdc Digital Output 

  • 3607E 48Vdc Digital Output 

  • 3611E 115Vac Digital Output 

  • 3617E 48Vdc Supervised Digital Output 

  • 3623E/T 120Vdc Digital Output 

  • 3624 24Vdc Supervised Digital Output 

  •  3625 24Vdc Digital Output 

  • 3664 24Vdc Digital Output (Dual) 

  • 3674 24Vdc Digital Output (Dual) 

  • 3636R/T Relay Output 

  • 3805E/H 4-20mA Analogue Output 

  • 3806E 4-20mA and 20-320mA Analogue Output 

  • 3807 -60 to +60mA Bipolar Analogue Output


  • Tricon operation is based on the principle of safety and high plant availability, which identifies and 

  • compensates for failed control system elements and allows on line replacement while continuing 

  • its assigned task without interrupting the controlled process. Fault Tolerance is achieved through 

  • TMR technology.

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