Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module
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Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module
Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module
Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module
Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module
Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module


Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module

Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD B Module
  • 1784-KTXD B

  • Allen Bradley

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  • 1 year



The 1784-KTX and -KTXD cards: • communicate with nodes on Data Highway networks, including PLC-2® , PLC-3® , and on Data Highway Plus networks, including PLC-5® , and SLC 5/04 processors, and SLC 5/01™, SLC5/02, and SLC 5/03 processors (only via 1784KA5) • communicate with SLC™ processors on DH-485 networks • act as a remote I/O scanner The 1784-KTS card acts only as a remote I/O scanner. The 1784-KTx performs data transmission, management, and local network diagnostics. The interface to the host processor is through a board-resident dual-port memory. Allen-Bradley interface software (including RSLogix via RSLinx, AI, 6200, and INTERCHANGE) manages data transmission and reception through dual-port memory. Remember to set the base memory address on the KTx card so that it does not interfere with selected addresses of other expansion cards in your computer. On dual-channel cards, set two addresses. Important: Although the 1784-KTXD has two channels, you cannot use the card to directly bridge between two networks.

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