ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202
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ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202 ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202
ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202 ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202
ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202 ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202
ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202 ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202


ABB Advant Controller 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202

ABB 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202 Module
  • 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202

  • ABB

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  • 1 year


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For the protection of your investments and for ease of migration to the new AC500 PLC generation, ABB provides AC31 adapter modules based on AC500. The modules have the same footprint, cabling and features as the previous AC31 series 90 products with up-to-date AC500 hardware. AC31 adapter modules can replace existing AC31 devices with either direct compatible e.g. I/O modules or need adjustments with a new user program for the CPU using Automation Builder software. Main characteristics and architecture The connection locations do not differ from the predecessor hardware and the number or type of I/O channels are comparable. For remote I/O products on the CS31 bus, I/Os of an existing field application can be modified without having to change the application or configuration. New modules can be configured with DIP switches. Replacing the AC31 PLC with the 07KT98-x-AD PLC requires to rewrite the application program using the Automation Builder engineering suite. Advantages at a glance • Compatible with the existing AC31 series 90 remote I/O-modules, in some cases with 1-to-1 replacement in the field, no change of application configuration required. • Footprint identical to predecessor hardware. • Automation Builder for PLC programming. • Standard AC500 modules for seamless migration from AC31 to the new AC500. • Longer life cycle of AC31 through migration to new solution.

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