ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module
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ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module
ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module
ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module
ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module


ABB 3BSE000468R1 Module

  • 3BSE000468R1

  • ABB

  • T/T

  • 1 Year


General Information

    • Product ID:

    • 3BSE022366R1

    • ABB Type Designation:

    • CI801

    • Catalog Description:

    • CI801 PROFIBUS FCI S800 Interface

    • Long Description:

    • Including:
      1 pcs Power Supply Connector
      1 pcs TB807 Modulebus Terminator

      The basic system software loaded in CI801
      does not support the following I/O modules:
      DI830, DI831, DI885, AI880, DI880 and DO880.

 the INFI 90 OPEN system is beneficial to the user.

The IMASO11 Analog Output Module can be used as a direct

replacement of the IMASO01 Analog Output Module.

The IMASO11 Analog Output (ASO) module outputs fourteen separate analog signals that the INFI 90 OPEN system uses to control a process. It is an interface between the process and the INFI 90 OPEN Strategic Process Management System. Control modules perform the control functions; input/output modules provide the I/O.

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1.Is the part new? 

   Yes, 100% Original brand new

2.How is the package?

   Original factory seal packed

3.What is the lead time?

   In stock: 1-3 working days

4.What is the MOQ: 


5.What is the payment term:


7.What is the warranty time?

   One year