ABB 3BHB006485R0001 Module
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ABB 3BHB006485R0001 Module

ABB 3BHB006485R0001 Module
  • 3BHB006485R0001

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ABB special purpose drives – medium voltage The ACS6080 medium voltage drives are suitable for high power, low speed or special performance applications such as test stands, marine propulsion and thrusters, rolling mills, mine hoists, conveyors, SAG and ball mills. The drive is built from a set of standardised modules and ensures a high, constant power factor with optional reactive power compensation and low network harmonics. The ACS6080 comes with a wide range of options and is compliant with various industry-specific certifications. ABB industrial drives – ultra-low harmonic and fully regenerative 4-quadrant drives ACS880, now includes ultra-low harmonic and fully regenerative 4-quadrant drives. An innovative wheeled module for cabinet mounting is added to the range. The range now includes a “standby” mode where the drive operates in an energy saving state awaiting a run command, reducing standby losses. These modules can be wall- or cabinet-mounted. ABB drives go wireless – keypad with Bluetooth connectability Drivetune is the smart mobile app enabling wireless communication to ABB low voltage drives. The drive needs to have the Bluetooth enabled keypad fitted. You will be able to startup your drive and commission with your phone using simple settings and widgets. The dashboard shows intuitively drive status, performance and configuration. Unlike traditional control panels, Drivetune makes it possible to connect with any services and data available on the Internet in parallel to online drive communication, providing powerful tools for any start-up and troubleshooting task. In future it will have drive settings that can be easily stored into cloud-based repositories. There are two versions of the Drivetune app, one for Android and the other for iOS operating systems.


Warranty: 12 months.

Lead time: 1-3 working days.

Type of payment:T/T and Western Union.

Courier partners: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx .

Technical specification, manuals and data sheets: Available on request.

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